Political Romance

The stuff you find lying around while you are poking your nose into things historical. Here is an 1892 love poem to Canada from America — hoping his affection will lead to annexation. John Bull in the last verse is the personification of Britain, much as Uncle Sam is of the USA or Johnny Canuck is of our own dear land.

Charles Henry Phelps
Century Magazine

“O Canada, sweet Canada,
Thou maiden of the frost,
From Flattery Cape to Sable Cape
With love for thee we’re crossed.
We could not love thee less nor more,
We love thee clear to Labrador;
Why should we longer thus be vexed?
Consent, coy one, to be annexed.

Canada, sweet Canada,
Our heart is always true;
You know we never really cared
For any one but you.

Your veins are of the purest gold
(We’ve mined them some, the truth be told.) 
True wheat are you, spite chaff and scorn,
And O, your dainty ears (of corn).

O Canada, sweet Canada,
John Bull is much too old
For such a winsome lass as you, —
Leave him to fuss and scold;
Tell him a sister you will be,
He loves you not so much as we;
Fair maiden, stand not thus perplexed,
Come, sweetheart, come and be annexed.”

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