Free trade 1876-style

Free trade (or Reciprocity) between Canada and America has always been a hotly-debated issue. Here is an 1876 cartoon in which a Canadian trade representative, Joseph Xavier-Perrault, secretary of the Canadian commission at the Philadelphia Centennial International Exhibition in 1876, brings goods to the US and Uncle Sam vows to retaliate. The captions reads: “Uncle Sam: “Wah! Yeuo aire a bringin deown a might sight o’things, ain’ t yer?” — Secretary Perreault: “Yes, Sir! We are going to show you what we can do up our way in various lines of growth, manufacture, and art. We will astonish you!” — Uncle Sam: “All right young man. (Aside) Just what I want. Then I’ll know better what to fetch up and undersell them across the line 45.”


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