April 6

A very grim day in history with a number of catastrophic events.


Louis IX (later St Louis), King of France, is captured by Muslim forces during the ill-fated Seventh Crusade. He will be ransomed and return home, but will not lose the crusading spirit. On his next attempt to invade North Africa he will die at Tunis.


Mehmet II begins the Ottoman siege of Constantinople which will eventually capture the city and bring down the Byzantine Empire.


A rebellion by black slaves to burn down New York breaks out. It begins with arson and then an ambush of white people, killing 9 and wounding 6. The perpetrators were hunted down and captured; most of them were burnt at the stake, though one was broken on the wheel. Laws were tightened to prevent any repetition of such an uprising.


Quebec politician Pierre Elliot Trudeau wins the Liberal Party leadership and becomes Prime Minister. Canada has yet to recover.


Major League Baseball sanctions the use of the “designated hitter” for the American League. The National League continues to hold out against this hideous innovation.

One thought on “April 6”

  1. what is often mentioned is the battles of the crusades. What is not mentioned is the reasons for the crusades and the misunderstandings of why they really happened. I believe a clear picture and presentation of facts on the crusades is crucial to a better understanding of why they happened. Some of the half truths presented by many historians does not answer the questions that needs to be ask; thus a clear presention is not mentioned and many facts are of why they happened. But I do regard Gerry Bowler as one of the better ones

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