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In December 2009 the Ramshackle Incendiary Gang Punky Mauri of Santiago, Chile set fire to a Nativity scene and Christmas tree. Their communiqué went into great detail describing the arsonist device and explained their attack thus:

We attacked the crib and the Christmas tree for being symbols of power that has [sic] religion in its alienating and oppressive work.

We repudiate their disgusting festivities, which are pervading everything over [sic] these days, while the domesticated zombies rush en masse to buy the latest mobile phone, designer clothes, a new tv, the car of the year, the latest videogame, etc… anything to quell the desire for opulence, feeling good by having something that others don’t have. This action is in solidarity with all the imprisoned comrades on hunger strike, showing that prison has not bowed their heads and that the struggle continues and is spreading. This is also greetings of courage for all the comrades that have been struck by power, like in the latest raids against social centres and squats of Santiago, showing the State’s desperation at its incapacity to put a stop to the attacks. A salute also to the comrades in Mexico who are accused of actions of the earth liberation front, and the comrade Tamara in Spain, accused of sending a letter-bomb.
For all of you comrades, greetings of strength and conviction, because in the war against power nobody is alone and every blow will be returned.

A more light-hearted approach was voiced by British anarchists in 2018 who imagined that Anarchist theorist Pyotr Kropotkin would disguise himself as St Nicholas and advocate looting commercial establishments.

On the night before Christmas, we’ll all be about
While the people are sleeping, we’ll realise our clout
We’ll expropriate goods from the stores, ‘cos that’s fair
And distribute them widely, to those who need care.

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